Fantastic achievement of Demetra team

11th Sava Youth Parliament in Ljubljana

For the third year in a row, our Demetra team won the competition organized by the International Commission for the Sava River Basin.
They had the best video in Serbia, in which they explained the decades-old but, unfortunately, still current problems of the Topčider river, as well as natural solutions that could be implemented in several locations in Belgrade.
The 11th Youth Parliament from the Sava river basin was held in the capital of Slovenia - Ljubljana, and our team was led by geography professor and mentor Jelena Veselinović.
Traditionally, the president of each member state was elected, and this time it was Milica Radovanović, who had the honor of giving a speech on the next plans and goals of the organization, emphasizing the presentation of all problems in Brussels.

Well done to the Demetra team!!!

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