"Crnjanski" HIGH SCHOOL

Established 2002

A modern school with an equal balance of traditional and contemporary teaching content, open towards experimentation and innovation.

A school that prepares its students to cope with different systems of knowledge and practical application of skills.

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Knowledge is Value

Persistence, commitment to advancement, a creative and individual approach to teaching, active learning and a tradition of a respectable school are the hallmarks of the “Crnjanski” High school. At a time when knowledge is becoming imperative, “Crnjanski” High school has set a goal: KNOWLEDGE IS VALUE! We invite you to accomplish true values together.

Purposefully built for the needs of the school

The school has an area of approximately 2000 square meters, spacious, bright classrooms, dedicated and equipped classrooms for informatics and natural sciences, a physical education hall and a ceremonial hall.

Individual Teaching

In addition to the regular teaching programs identified in the curriculum, “Crnjanski” High School offers programs tailored to students who are actively involved in sports. The individual teaching program provides the opportunity for consultative and adapted teaching plan in order for its attendees to successfully master the curriculum and maintain continuity of extracurricular activities.


Marko Miladinović


Marko Miladinović has been in the "Crnjanski" educational system since primary school. He attended the "Plavi Krug" primary school, which he finished as an excellent student and a promising tennis player. He then continued his education at the "Crnjanski" High School. Having Marko as our student from the very early age gave us the opportunity to follow and support his growth. As he was lining up his successes, we were encouraging and celebrating him. The best junior in Serbia, the second junior in the world in 2018, competed at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, at Roland Garros, at the Australian Open ... He carried books and study material to international tournaments, so that he would not miss out on his school obligations. This enabled him to be successful both in the world of sports and in school. He graduated from high school as an excellent student, rewarded with the title of athlete of the generation. More importantly - he left our school as a good man with a great future ahead of him.

Olga Danilović


All of us at the "Crnjanski" High School are proud of Olga's success, but also of the kind of person she has grown to be. Olga is diligent, organized, open, responsible, charismatic and witty. From big international tennis tournaments, straight from the airport, she was rushing to school to present and submit her course works in mathematics, physics, Serbian ... From Barcelona, she called a Spanish teacher to ask what lessons to prepare and on which topics to write essays. One would think that after all of her victories and successes her head will be in the clouds, but no - she stands firmly on the ground and disarms everyone with a charming smile!

Our wonderful Olga.

Tijana Spasojević

Tijana Spasojevic is our former student that we gladly remember and that we always talk about with enthusiasm.We mention her as a wonderful example of a student who sets high standards at school, but also on the tennis court.As a top athlete and an excellent student, she was given the opportunity to continue her education at The University of Texas, Austin. She is studying corporate communications and business, and at the same time plays tennis for her college.She got in touch with us in August 2020 to share the news that she had successfully completed her second year and is preparing to start the third one.

Tijana, we wish you all the best in your further education and sports career. We are proud of you!

Programme of the "Crnjanski" high school

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