As part of the CAS program, which includes creative, sports and socially responsible activities, our IBDP students strive to have as many activities as possible that allow them to develop as individuals, as socially responsible citizens, with a strong sense of correct and important life values. One of the most beautiful things on this path of development is gaining new friendships and getting to know other cultures and their customs.
For the past month, the students of the international diploma program, in High School “Crnjanski”, have been spending time with their peers, the students of the GRUBB Foundation. Gipsy Roma Urban Balkan Beats (GRUBB) Foundation was founded in 2006, and aims to educate young people through artistic and educational programs. Our school was their partner in a project called "Their Lives", approved by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia. The realization of this project included several phases: online photography workshop, touring and photographing the environment and everyday life of young people from other areas, according to the principle of exchange, where impressions are artistically shaped and transferred to photos that will be published on social networks GRUBB organization and our school. In this way, photography will become a mediator in connecting and meeting young people from different backgrounds and cultures. The aim of their publication is to reduce stereotypes and prejudices among young people, as well as to encourage understanding and send positive messages about Roma children and youth.
During this period, friends from the GRUBB organization visited our school, hosted us in their neighbourhood and introduced us to their culture. Moreover, we spent time together walking through the city center and took a handful of interesting photos. This whole project is just the beginning of our friendship, and we are looking forward to some new cooperation, because we enjoyed this from the bottom of our hearts.

CAS program coordinator: Ana Radiša Uskoković

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