International day of older persons

International Day of Older Persons marked in the Primary School "Plavi krug"

Fifth grade students with their Serbian language and literature teacher Rusina Kulić, marked the 1st October, the International Day of the Older Persons. The students were introduced to the importance of this day through a presentation. The students were given research assignments related to the given topic a few weeks earlier, so they were prepared and active in class. They learned that the International Day of Older Persons is celebrated every year on October 1, that the day was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1990, with the goal of adapting the environment to the needs and abilities of elderly people, including their grandparents. As the reading program for the fifth grade proposes the reading and reflection of the novel "Agi and Emma", by Igiora Kolarova, a story about the friendship between old lady Emma and the lonely boy Agi, this novel was our initial inspiration. Reading the novel, we concluded that friendship knows no boundaries. Some of the messages from the novel were also found on the panels prepared by the students: "Old Emma is an ocean of wisdom, knowledge and imagination."

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